Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holy Trinity Monastery Panorama

Panorama > Greek, pan = all, orama = seeing, hence, ‘to see it all.’

Visiting Fr Milovan's blog Again and Again this morning before liturgy, I found this wonderful link to a panoramic view of the Holy Trinity Monastery, in Jordanville, New York.

Click the linked monastery name above, and the panoramic view will open. You can control the views with your mouse, or let the panorama start rotating all on its own. You can zoom larger to see details better using the + button on the far left. You can also control the view precisely by clicking the button with the hand on it: The symbol will change to a navigation sign, and then with your mouse you can rotate the panorama in any direction. The other keys, up, down, right and left, work as you would expect. Plus and minus keys zoom in (larger) and out (smaller).

I hope this visual visit to the monastery chapel will bless you.
Thank you, Fr Milovan!

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Unknown said...

Thank YOU dear Romanos!