Saturday, June 11, 2016


Bearing both mixed and shifting metaphors,
let us outrun those devils pretending to be Marathon champions.

He who paces us has also cut the cords
that bound us to false followers, to tempters,
half-created archon remnants of a lost, unfinished universe
who lurk to frighten children
and hope to halt heart beats by hollow threats.

We run, we think, from destruction and danger,
but it is not so.

We run because that is our nature.
We run because we are both image and likeness
of One whose name is ‘He that runs.’

We run because we know He wants us.
He wants us to catch up to Him.
Yes, even to catch Him.

He paces us.
Always only a step or two ahead, He is not far.

He stays close, but He doesn’t relent, or slow, or stop.
Running is His nature,
and running is why He made us.

— Romanós

Greek θεός, Theós, is usually translated ‘God’ in English. Though it resembles Latin based words for God such as Deus (Latin) and Diós (Spanish), it has a very different origin. It is connected with Greek θέω, théo, ‘to run,’ and θεωρέω, theoréo, ‘to look at, to see, to observe’ with the implication of ‘to perceive’ or even ‘to see with the eye of the heart.’

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