Monday, June 6, 2016

He has overcome the world

Last Supper with the Street Children, by Joey Velasco
I am sorry for anyone who thinks they can offer me something more than what I already have, which is Jesus Christ. I am sorry for anyone who thinks they can divide the seamless robe of Christ, which is the Church. I am sorry for anyone who thinks they can sow doubt in salvation in people of faith who know their ‘salvation is not in sight’ as St Paul writes, but something which we must hope for with confidence, because our God is the Holy Triad, who is Love. I am sorry for anyone who thinks that it is love that compels them to sow these doubts, no matter how heavily they are armed with arguments and canons. I am sorry for anyone who boasts of anything, especially their own humility, except the Cross of Jesus Christ. We are Orthodox because we follow Jesus, and as He Himself says, He will turn away no one who comes to Him, under any circumstances. I stand by my saying, He is mercy to those who run to Him, and judgment to those who run away.

Now I will tell you what I love. No, let me tell you what I don’t love first. I don’t love my own opinion more than that of the Universal Church, that which is the Bride of Christ, even when I think she’s wrong. Why? Because it’s not a matter of wrong or right, once again, but of love, the willingness to die for one another, even the willingness to die rather than hurt the Bride. Now I will tell you what I love. I love God the Holy Trinity. I love the God-man Jesus and His holy apostles. I love the Church. I love the saints. I don’t care if these latter are not perfect, if they don’t know everything or have all the answers. I love the whole human race that Christ died for, and I love the work that He gave us to do, to hand on to this fallen and confused humanity the Good News—yes, the Good News!—that their sins are atoned for, and that now they are free to live Godly lives, even unto Théosis. I love that Christ is present with us in full no matter when or where we are, and that we have absolutely nothing to fear for ourselves or for others, because He has overcome the world.

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Sasha said...

Amen, brother.