Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Common sense

As the British referendum whether to remain in the European Union or not looms—the now famous ‘Brexit’—the scare tactics of the non-elected and anti-democratic rulers of the world banking systems are coming on full force, with bankers from all over the world chiming in.

This bunch believes that everything that is important in life revolves around them and what they can give or withhold from the common man. Naturally they think so, because their lives surely depend on it. If they decide to crash their own system, they know they will survive.

And common man won’t? Oh, please, give me a break. This world is still a place where survival of the fittest holds sway, despite the wordplay and the mirages they use to deceive the public. The major issue with Brexit is not economic, so their shadowbox world is about to fall.

The major issue is about freedom. In fact it is about the freedom to survive. That’s why what happens on 23 June 2016 has far greater implications for the survival of nations than anything the bankers and their payrolled minions offer in that regard. Not just for Britain’s, for the world’s.

People can be deceived for only so long. The United States, once the wealthiest and freest (yes, it is spelled that way, but pronounced ‘free-est’) nation on earth has, due to the hegemony of the banking cartel become, in real terms at street level, one of the poorest and least free.

When a nation suddenly wakes up and realizes what’s been going on, and how little freedom they have to make the life choices that will enable them not just to survive but to prosper, their would-be masters and guides have to think fast. This time they haven’t thought fast enough.

We have long been living in an unreal world where we are pandered to and dumbed down much as the Roman populace was in the days after the end of their Republic, and paying the price of artificial stability and prosperity from a diminishing wallet of inalienable rights and freedoms.

Those rights are, not were, inalienable, which means we must not, cannot, give them away, surrender them, and yet here we are, having woken up to find Big Brother hovering over us and our limbs secured by shackles of conditioned materialism, told what we must do by our betters.

How much this actually resembles the way black slavery was maintained by the southern States in pre-Civil War America is astonishing, but we’ve grown so used to it that we don’t recognize it for what it is. Even the splitting apart of families on the auction block routinely happens.

Get the picture? And this is not a revolutionary revelation. It’s common sense, if we stop and give it a serious think. Big banking fuels big government, and big government is a monster that swallows its own offspring when it doesn’t get enough of what it wants. Hence, the wars.

It’s time, Britain, to become Great again, and America, I think you’ve already been told the same, even if it was by someone the bankers and governesses have demonized and made out to be another Hitler, all of which is nonsense. When push comes to shove, people, please shove hard.

The world, though perhaps not the European Union, will survive if the United Kingdom remembers itself and takes back what it never should have surrendered. If there are economic repercussions, we will survive, we will all survive. We always do, and the world will be the better for it.

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