Monday, January 18, 2016

Making the world love us?

Not judging the non-Christian culture around them, letting their praxis be taken as their logo, uncompromising in matters that cannot be compromised, undemanding in matters indifferent, avoiding argumentation, promoting the bare love of God without comment, inviting to and helping those abandoned or helpless, intolerant of deliberate immorality, but pardoning and overlooking every human weakness and showing patience and forbearance with all—this is not just one way of being Christian, as if there were options—this is the way of the true Church, in whatever time, place or community it can be found.

A people who live love but do not preach it in words and proclamations, even so, that Church will only ever be attractive to those who are already part of her without knowing it. As for the rest of the culture, it will never find the true Church attractive, but will always find fault, always find reason to try to drive it out of the world. If Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, perfect Man (and to us true God) could not be found attractive by the culture, how can we poor copies of His nature do anything that will make us attractive to the culture of sin and death? For what else can that culture be, despite its false beauty, fame and fragrance?

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