Thursday, October 22, 2015

The joy of discipleship

The joy of discipleship, knowing for sure that Christ is God and that He has called us by name to take up our cross and follow Him just as He called Andrew and the others, outweighs and overcomes all ungodly fear in us. No longer do we shiver with fright as we stand before the Holy Mysteries, wondering whether or not we’ve confessed our sins to the last iota to a priest. Our trust in the Son of Man is unflinching in every instance, whether we live unendangered or dwell in the midst of adversity, whether we stand in the temple worshipping with brethren who love us, or pray amidst those who ignore, despise or even revile us. The call is a protection against all that seeks to harm, betray or frighten us—that is, if we accept it, if we accept Him who has called us, without reservation, and without stint. Even in the midst of earthly flames the martyrs sang praise to Christ, so we in our earthly trials cast off all fear and resentment, and run after the Lord, because we know He wants us, and He says to His heavenly Father, ‘I have not lost anyone whom You have given me.’

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