Thursday, October 1, 2015

Belief, no, believing, prove

Belief in the literal truth and ‘infallibility’ of the holy scriptures is not enough. That only breeds fanaticism, placing devotion to an ideology over love of the man whom God has placed before you. The scriptures were made for man, not man for the scriptures.

No, we must believe in the bible, but only in order to love the man placed in our path, the one whom God has sent, because He comes to us in the form of man, not only historically in the God-man Jesus Christ, but theologically in our neighbor.

Believing only in the scripture, we place ourselves above the Church, justifying ourselves and all our righteousness and doctrinal correctness, our subtle disdain and even pious contempt of others who disagree with us, and we crucify Christ as He comes among us.

Prove that you love the Word of God by loving the sinful humanity that the Holy Spirit has gathered from the four winds and carries in the protecting sash of the Holy Church. For the Lord Jesus Christ has said and continues to say, ‘He who does not gather with Me, scatters’ (Matthew 12:30).

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