Sunday, October 18, 2015

Making us His

Transfiguration, by Edward Knippers
                            Sharers of the Divine Nature
                            held out to us as promise
                            to be fulfilled
                            while He who takes our nature
                            old and troubled as it is
                            undoes our fears
                            with love
                            and transfigures those who dare
                            to follow His gracious call
                            like Moses and Elijah
                            one raptured from the grave
                            the other rendezvous’d
                            to sit with Him
                            upon His Father’s Throne
                            annihilating time
                            with the lightning flash
                            of His eternity

                            This is no God of heavens only
                            encircled by prostrating priests
                            hymned by eyeful animals
                            Himself appearing
                            in guise of manlike shape
                            but Man Himself
                            the God of heavens
                            and earths without number
                            appearing as a new-born
                            first-born Son
                            under the same skies
                            upon the same land
                            as One of us
                            not in appearance only
                            not in mere similitude
                            sharing our flesh and blood
                            that we share His

                            Masses and liturgies
                            rise up to persuade us
                            prayers and rosaries
                            recited to claim us
                            yet He opens the Temple
                            to show us within
                            enlarging its courts
                            encompassing the whole world
                            enduring all moments and all times
                            and holy days of obligation disappear
                            into the sublime shadow of the Almighty
                            as He walks with us
                            holding hands
                            and talks with us
                            face to face
                            and embraces us
                            making us His

                                          — Romanós

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