Thursday, March 17, 2016

Two lights

The New Testament is, for Christians, composed of two lights.
One light is the holy gospels, the other is the holy apostles.
One light is the mind, the other is the heart.
We need both lights to see our way.

The holy gospels, the words of Jesus,
are the light of our life as servants and sons of God,
revealing to us what Jesus does, so we can imitate Him.

The apostles, their acts and letters,
are the light of our life as members of one another,
revealing to us how the Church lives.

If you use only the first light,
you have the cornerstone but nothing with which
to finish the building.
If you use only the second light,
you have the building blocks but nothing on which to align them.

Following only the gospels, we are a head with no body:
we become everyone’s enemy.
Following only the apostles, we are a body with no head:
we end up worshiping ourselves.

Brothers, the way is simple. Let’s walk in the way of the two lights.
With the mind in the heart, we will see our way.
With the mind we attain vision of God.
With the heart we are saved.
Let us walk together
by the two lights.

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