Monday, March 14, 2016

A love letter

‘I am really in love with you,’ says the Lord God of Hosts. ‘I love you for the beauty of your manhood, which is a reflection of Mine. I am captivated by the modesty of your womanhood, which was before time the envy of the angels. I love you for your strengths, and I love you for your weaknesses, for your humiliation is fertile ground for the seed I have planted in you. I love you for your wealth, and I love you for your poverty, for your lack has propelled you into My arms so that I may heal you.’

‘All that I am, and all that I have, I surrender to You, O my God, that You may reform me, that You may strip away from me all that offends You, that all my filth may be cleansed. I want nothing and no one but You, O Lord, to be my light, my love, and my hope,’ sometime is said by one responding to the Lord’s call, and it is well said, but He who thrusts His hand through the door-latch of our hearts wants both more and less. ‘I have come to You, that we may become one, for love knows or wants nothing else.’

So the mystery of existence, of our very being, is laid bare when we hear His call, and accept His love. ‘Come to Me, you who are burdened, you who are overwhelmed, by the world you have chosen to live in. Come to Me, come to My home, which is Ours before you ever heard of Me, before you ever knew who it is that was calling you. I am really in love with you. I went away to prepare this place where you and I will live, in peace, in safety, in happiness, in joy. Where I may enjoy you forever, and you Me.’

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