Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unwalled city

It seems to me,
from my limited experience
of sixty-four years,
that if you really trust Jesus completely,
you are unafraid to trust yourself
to people,
and the world in general,
as they come your way.

By this I don't mean
that you entrust yourself into everyone's keeping.
But you are somehow able to discern,
even without giving it much thought,
and without anxiety,
what is appropriate in every encounter.

You seamlessly entrust yourself to others
in exactly and only those areas
where trust even has meaning at all.
You can be fearless
because there is no longer anything to gain or lose.

Because of Christ.
He has you, and you have Him.

Beyond both need and want,
unopposed and defenseless,
you are an unwalled city
defended, like Rome, by that invincible weapon,
the peace of Christ.

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P.S. And the picture - makes my heart ache and want to go there. :)