Monday, September 21, 2015

Just part of theirs

In support of the United Nations' International Day of Peace, September 21, I humbly offer these meditations…

Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed IV,
by Russian painter Ilya Yefimovitch Repin
(We of the Western world could never be like them,
so perhaps it will be left to the Russians to save us from Islam after all.)
Is there such a thing as a moderate Muslim? We, or at least those who rule us, must think so, because we’re letting in Muslims into our countries by the boatload. In all of human history (at least that part of it known to me) there has never been a clearer example of willful self-delusion about an enemy.

By its very creed, translated into every major language, Islam openly declares itself the enemy of that part of the human race which does not submit to it. In every place where it has taken control it gives evidence that it is able and willing to enforce its ideology on all, whether by teaching or by terror.

In spite of its record in history, in spite of its current regimes, in spite of its cultural blackmail of western democracies and its taking hostage of entire populations by fear at every level, our leaders in Europe and America confidently tell us that this is a religion of peace, and anyone who disagrees is ignored.

Reaction by the people is slow in coming, but it’s on its way. We sense that our very species is endangered. Yes, Western, even Christian, man is an endangered species, more than any other animal, and all because democracy which turned out kings is now about to turn us out. Islam is stronger.

Again, in bold face because we know all about it yet deny what we know, Islam is arriving at our borders and on our shores with the aim of supplanting us, here and there peacefully, now and then violently, because we give them the right to do so, imposing no restrictions on them, only on ourselves.

To avoid giving Islam offense, western democracy has already capitulated in theory, if not yet completely in practice, and without doubt many countries are democracies no longer. They have already become dhimmocracies—rule by dhimmis, those who submit to Islam’s demands without conversion.

Our political leaders, almost without exception, have been doing more than bowing before and kissing the hand of a Sa’udi king. That incident early in the first term of the current American president was more than an example of ignorance. It was prophetic. We now begin to see where we are being led.

They are in the same position as the Orthodox hierarchs were in Soviet Russia, when they were forced to swear allegiance to the State, declaring that the State’s successes were theirs, even the success of uprooting and abolishing Christianity altogether. Actually, they are not in the same position.

They are betraying Western civilization, culture, and values of their own free will. There is no force involved. No one is making them sign our death warrant. Their Christless nihilism has paralyzed them, rendering them incapable of protecting the nations that elected them to establish the common good.

I asked, if there were such a thing as a moderate Muslim. I think I know the answer. A moderate Muslim is one that is willing to wait for you to die all on your own, rather than wasting the resources you’ve given him for his betterment to make war on you. As long as you keep feeding him, he’s moderate.

There is another kind of Muslim who actually is moderate. He’s the descendant of the trickle of Muslim immigrants who came to your country a few generations ago, during the Ottoman era, before World War I. His Islam is as harmless as the Christianity of many Christians, something to do on the holidays.

It seems a certainty that there was never a time or place when Islam was moderate, only lazy or impoverished, and therefore unable to be warlike. The same people who refuse to see what is happening right in front of them cannot be expected to study history. They say it was written by the victors.

Now that we have the most up-to-date evidence of what Islam thinks of history in the atrocities committed at Palmyra, we can catch a glimpse of what history would look like if they were allowed to write it. So far, they’ve been part of our history. What will it be like when we are just part of theirs?

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