Sunday, July 5, 2015


Oh my gosh! They’re coming back for another round at snagging the biblically illiterate and speculation-obsessed, people whose lives are in a permanent tailspin as they plummet, out of control into the open jaws of these money-grubbing religionists.

As a younger Christian trying to keep an open mind and trying to see the good in everybody’s ‘ministry’ or witness, I too once fell for the crash and dash modern mystery plays churned out by Christian porn mills like Trinity Broadcasting, creators and promoters of The Omega Code and Megiddo: The Omega Code 2.

I knew they were a genre of action films with carefully encrypted ‘Christian’ messages, meant to entertain and deceive simultaneously, but I was curious, so I looked. As action films, cheesy. As gospel messages, soft porn. In the final analysis, though, dangerous, cynically subversive of authentic Christianity, and spiritually lethal.

If there are some who may be lost, it would probably be them. Why? Because, separated by pseudo-gospel guile from the real Good News of Jesus Christ, people can stay trapped in a cinematic fantasy, believing it to be Christianity, and never find the Church, or salvation through Christ. Sickening, suffocating, sterilizing, and stupid.

And the latest, which caused me to reflect on this, Christianity’s dark side (if you can call it Christianity at all, but we must, because Christ descended even to Hades to empty it of its dead), is this new installment of the continuing saga of the ‘Bible Code’—A Richard Shaw Film, Torah Codes, End to Darkness.

Living in a lying world, a follower of Jesus is refreshed, no, really, revived by only one thing, that which revived Mary the sister of Lazarus—sitting at the feet of Jesus, drinking in His divine and holy words, words of pure truth and life, words of power and light. Compared with those words, what can a disciple find in such things as ‘Torah Codes’?

Make-believe Jews seducing make-believe Christians, lying through their teeth, making promises and prophesying what never went forth from the lips of God to anyone’s ears, except to the owners of ears spiritually uncircumcised. God help us!

Once finding every mundane news item secretly coded into the dimensions and angles of the Grand Gallery of Egypt’s Great Pyramid, now with computer technology the new sellers of secrets can read similar things in the Hebrew letters of the Torah. Amazing!

A real no-brainer. Everyone should try it. Perhaps between the letters of some Old Testament book, read sideways of course, you know, from top to bottom, or the reverse, you’ll find written your name, today’s date, and exactly what you had for breakfast!

Forgive me, brethren, the heat of the last several days must be getting to me. I am not a little distressed. As if it weren’t bad enough what real events in the real world are tearing humanity apart, destroying hope, and putting faith to the test, we ignore these and run after fantasies.

Pray, and pray hard, very hard: For the humanity suffering at the hands of satan’s warlords in the Middle East. Yes, for humanity not just for Christians. For the whole of the human race is included in the salvation won for us by Christ-God when He ascended His Throne, the Holy Cross.

Pray, and pray constantly, pray without ceasing: No, not reciting pious entreaties while mechanically inching yourselves closer to heaven, but for the spiritually and materially homeless, for the pierced and branded bodies of the hopeless youth, for the elders abandoned to loveless loneliness.

Watch, yes, watch and pray. Look out where Christ is to be found wandering the earth as the unwelcome, the defenseless. Watch for these, not wasting your precious eyes on spectacles of speculation. Watch, for the time is close, otherwise shutting your ears to what is not read aloud and what cannot be kept. Watch, but not as a spectator. Watch, be vigilant.

For the Word of God, not any studious subjection to pious fallacies, is our inheritance, our lot in this world. It was not written to be dissected by computers and reassembled to make some magi’s ends meet, but to be read, to be integrated with our thoughts, words, and deeds, so that we can become living stones built into the Temple of the living God.

As for secrets hidden in the letters of the Torah, or the Bible, or whatever is for sale today, nothingness. Secrets there are, yes, even buried treasure, for within us is the Light that enlightens everyone who lives, upon us all is the Anointing that teaches us everything, and the eternal, divine Law is written on our hearts. We are the encoded Book in which all God’s hidden plans are not hidden, but revealed. For we cannot be anything but what He has made us, a City set on a hill that cannot be hid.

‘Shine! Shine! O New Jerusalem! 
For the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you!’

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