Monday, September 1, 2014

Greetings of the New Year 7523

The commemorations and prayers for the Beginning of Indiction, Orthodox Year 7523, are taken from the bulletin of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa. To all whose name day falls on this day, again and again, ‘chronia polla, many years.’

1 September 2014
New Year’s Day, 7523

Also the Feast of… St Joshua the Son of Nun,
St Ammoun the Deacon, the 40 Virgin Martyrs of Heraclea, Thrace:
St Theona, St Lambrou, St Arevoia, St Alone, St Mosho,
St Theofani, St Akrive, St Ermia, St Sappho, St Athena,
St Adamatene, St Kalliroe, St Evterpe, St Terpsihore, St Erato,
St Elpinike, St Melpomene, St Polymbia, St Dodone, St Troada,
St Koralia, St Theano, St Aspasia, St Erasmia, St Theonymphe,
St Aphrodite, St Aglaia, St Pandora, St Polynike, St Antigone ,
St Ourania, St Marianth, St Thaleia, St Harikleia, St Kleio,
St Athena, St Penelope, St Kleopatra, St Kleonike, St Margarita.

Also the Feast of…
St Kallista and her Brothers,
St Evodos,
St Hermogenes, together with other Holy Martyrs of Nicomedia,
St Symeon the Stylite and his Venerable mother,
St Martha of Sisan, Cappadocia,
St Aithalas of Persia,
St Meletios the New of Cappadocia,
and St Evanthia.

Apolytikion Of The Indiction — Tone 2
     O Creator of all the Universe, Who has placed times and seasons under Thine own Authority; Bless, O Lord, the Crown of this year of Thy Kindness, keeping in Peace Thy Kings and Thy City; by the Intercessions of the Theotokos, O Only True Lover of mankind.

Apolytikion of our Ever Blessed Lady Theotokos
     Rejoice, O Theotokos Virgin Full of Grace: for from Thee has shone forth the Sun of Righteousness, Christ our God, giving Light to those in darkness.
     Be glad also, Thou Righteous Elder, for Thou hast received in Thine arms the Deliverer of our souls, Who bestows upon us Resurrection. Thou became a Pillar of Patience, and the Ancient Fathers Thou equaled and rivaled:  Thou rivaled Job in Sufferings, Joseph in Temptations, and the Lifestyle of the Incorporeals while in the flesh. Therefore, O our Righteous Father, Symeon, Intercede with Christ God to Save our souls!

Kontakion of the Indictos — Tone 4
     O Thou Creator and Lord of ages, O God of All, truly transcending all essence, we earnestly beseech Thee to Bless the year, and, O Tender-Loving Lord, in Thine Infinite Mercy, O only Master, Save us all who worship and serve Thee, O our Redeemer, and who cry with fear: For all Thy servants make the coming year fruitful.

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