Sunday, August 3, 2014

When love becomes man

Love is beyond caste, class, and creed.
Whoever or whatever one thinks God is,
or if one believes in no god at all,
if he should do what he sees Jesus doing,
then God has in fact
come down to earth once again.

Hindus have Rama,
they have Krishna,
yes, God come down to earth in ancient times,
as king, as savior.

Christians have our Jesus,
yes, and if we listen carefully to Him,
He tells us to do what we see Him doing.
That is, in our faith,
how we believe Christ comes to us
and lives among us again,
when love becomes man,
then man becomes love.

Just as Krishna fed the whole world
from a single grain of rice,
and Jesus fed five thousand,
not once but twice,
from a basket containing only a few pita breads
and some fish,
so the Divine Nature shows Himself to us
in people who lovingly feed
and serve others.

Love, love, love,
yes, that is the meaning of life.
Now, when shall we begin?

— Romanós

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