Thursday, August 28, 2014

All, or nothing

Again in history we see what comes when law-abiding nations descend into denial of the One who gave the law, what happens when they surrender to the sleep of self-indulgence and hide behind delusive dreams of safety.

A sovereign nation is dismembered slowly by a cautious predator with two opposite-facing heads, one tearing fragments of living flesh from its victim without first killing it, the other eyeing the sleepers nearby.

After a century of blatant and barbaric aggression, lands and peoples devoured and regurgitated again in chains, borders flickering all over the map with unreasoned abandon, would that the earth had seen the end of this.

Are the nations not satisfied with the lands marked out for them by the treaties? Or were they lying treaties to begin with? Is it so impossible to comprehend that every people should desire, and deserves, a sovereign homeland?

Are we so afraid of war that we are willing to purchase peace at any price? Shall our house not too be burgled when we watch our neighbor’s robbed right before our eyes? For the price of peace, are we willing to pay all, if that’s what it costs?

All, or nothing. We sit and watch the pillage as any other entertainment, not recognizing our risk in doing nothing, yet all will be required of us, for we are not at games, but real life. Either we give all, or all shall be taken from us.

And the twin-beaked eagle shall never be sated.

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