Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rubrics of love

Salvation is not about doctrine, but about love.
There is, in fact, no salvation outside of love, because God is love,
proven by His becoming one of us,
and everything that follows from it.

We approach God always through love and never through doctrine.
Does this mean that doctrine is pointless or of no importance?
Not at all.
But it is always love that gives doctrine its true meaning and value.

Loving God will always bring you to Him,
but thinking about God at best brings you to the threshold of love,
at worst locks you into a mental prison.

The invisible God becomes visible through love,
but the visible God, our brother and sister,
can become invisible through doctrine.

What is ‘the first and great commandment’?
And what is ‘the second, that is like unto it’?
And on what ‘hang all the Law and the Prophets’?

‘With the fear of God, with faith and love, draw near!’
intones the priest or deacon,
announcing the readiness of God to receive us unto Himself
in the Holy Mystery of His divine and life-giving Passion,
fed to us spiritual infants on golden spoons.

‘You have only to open your mouth, for Me to fill it,’
says the Lord Almighty through His holy prophet, the psalmist.
And, ‘precious in the eyes of God is the death of His saints.’

Yes, with fear, that is, utmost respect, even awe,
approach God in your brother and sister.

Yes, with faith and love,
trusting in the One who upholds all faithfully
and who loves both you and them
with an unconditional mercy.

We can do no more, and no less,
than what we see our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ doing
every moment of every day,
not just in His ‘little Book’ the written scripture,
but also in His ‘great Book’ the world.

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