Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Fasting is never a form of self-punishment.
Fasting is never a way to build our heavenly bank account.
Fasting is an act of worship, 

giving back what we always knew never really belonged to us, 
so that God can bestow on us
something greater—Himself.
Fasting is an act of hospitality, 

cleaning out, 
emptying some organ or attribute of us, 
so that God can have more room during His visit.
Fasting is always a deliberate spending—even wasting—of our lives
on the slim chance that we might buy the world for God.
Fasting is always an act of abandonment—even of desertion

of what we thought or have been told 
was our post or position in life,
in the hope that we will be proven wrong after all,
and find that God alone was right.
Fasting has little to do with food, 

but we do sometimes forget to eat 
while we're doing it.

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