Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The flesh rebelling

The Serpent in the Wilderness by Edward Knippers
2007, oil on panel, 32" x 24"
                       The flesh rebelling
                       and the spirit unwilling
                       as gradually the soul
                       all lethal loves is killing,
                       a miniature of my life’s full bent,
                       this forty days of fast, this monstrous Lent!

                       Temptations prying
                       and pretentious praying
                       attacking and adorning
                       the ceremonious slaying,
                       and images and idols risen
                       or deeply sunk,
                       ground up and mixed with blood
                       or water, and drunk,
                       and desert,
                       unremitting sunlight under
                       dark cloud (somehow above!)
                       and thunder 
                       pounding hammerlike and loud
                       on door and wall and window of the proud,
                       and pagan shower of wishful floral fêtes,
                       ideals, presumptions,
                       vanities, and bets,
                       illusions, boasts,
                       illogic, lies, and ghosts,
                       all headlong fall
                       before the heavenly hosts.

— Romanós
     February 27, 1986

With brotherly greetings and for the encouragement of those observing Ash Wednesday, 13 February this year, the beginning of Lent in the Western Church. May you be strengthened for all that you decide to undergo, as we prepare ourselves for the bright Feast of Holy Pascha.

Western Pascha (Easter) March 31Eastern Pascha May 5, 2013

This year Orthodox Christians observe the Feast 5 weeks later than Roman Catholics and Protestants.
Let us not forget one another.

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Eric Kyte said...

Thank you brother for your greetings
Let us not forget one another