Friday, June 1, 2012

No time for God

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I liked this Serbian Orthodox poster so well, that I inset the English translation provided, along with the poster itself, by Fr Milovan, and I am posting it here. For the original, click here. The resolution isn't too good, but the poster will zoom a bit larger if you click on it.

Looking at the poster again closely for the fifteenth time, I am simply struck by how typically Orthodox the mother's instructions are, especially the "…go immediately—now!" I have heard this most of my life, not only from mothers, but fathers and others as well. It's this "no nonsense, just do it" attitude that has sheared off for me the frills and thrills of false religion and pretended piety. Our God is too loving and too immanent for us to just ignore Him. And when we respond to Him, well, like the little boy says (through wrongly) in the second frame of the cartoon, "my whole life is before me." That is when real life begins.

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