Monday, June 11, 2012

Μακάριος - Makários - Happy

                    I am happy with it.
                    I am happy with it, Lord,
                    What You have given.

                    It isn’t what I expected.
                    What I wanted was taken,
                    Is taken, will be taken,
                    Away from me,
                    So that I can live.

                    Live as You would have me live,
                    Live as You live,
                    Aimless, wanting nothing,
                    Wanting for nothing
                    But what You give.

                    Aimless because
                    The arrow is already plunged
                    Deep into the target
                    And has nowhere else to go.

                    Wanting nothing
                    Because having everything,
                    Wanting for nothing.

                    All I have is Yours.
                    All you see is Mine.

                    Glory to You, O Lord,
                    Glory to You!

— Romanós

* Μακάριος - Link to the meaning of this word and name.

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