Monday, November 9, 2015

Mercy and judgment

What used to irritate me very much, is how other people will always blame you for things you know you did not do, or for faults you do not have.

As to the former, yes, they can sometimes be very, very wrong. I used to ask myself, ‘Why can’t she find out about the sins I have committed and accuse me of them, and not all this other imaginary stuff?’ And then I realised, it doesn’t matter. I know I am guilty of things I did wrong, even when no one caught me in the act, which was most of the time. So why not be content to be accused of things I didn’t do? In any case, whether I do right or wrong, someone will always find fault. And so, I became as the gravestone that children throw rocks at: I did not defend myself.

As to the latter, being blamed for faults you do not have, well, for all I know, these are sins to which I am blinded, as anyone can be. So let them blame me.

As for being blinded to our sins, yes, thank God He blinds us to our sins and especially to the sins of others, as a way of encouraging us to be like Him, to forget the past, and to overlook the present, so that we can keep looking and moving straight ahead, straight into His love.

Those personal sins that we do know of, the seeing of them is His gift to us, showing us ourselves just a little, not enough to frighten or discourage us, but just enough to want to turn away from our sins, to not want to look back.

God is mercy to those who run to Him,
but judgment to those who run away.

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