Monday, June 1, 2015

My sheep know My voice

Brother, I know this nun you are asking me about, I mean, I know who she is, and I have viewed a little of her video presentations. These are my observations.

One, women shouldn’t teach spiritual things indiscriminately. Women should only teach children or other women. To have a program like that is the same as what those feminist ‘Christians’ do, just add a cup of coffee and a veil.

Two, Orthodoxy has become a marketable commodity in America, and everyone wants their cut. The true monastics stay where they are, and we go to find them. They do not come at us, bragging about how many dozen monasteries they have set up, nor do they allow themselves to be worshiped as living saints.

Three, it is those who think what they are doing is going to ‘grow’ Orthodoxy in America that are actually going to destroy it. The Orthodoxy of the converts sticks to itself and forms covens of rubricists, those who would rather worship elders and flaunt their head coverings, prayer ropes, and prostrations, instead of renouncing themselves and loving the brethren.

Four, our Orthodoxy cannot be bought or sold, because living a crucified life with Christ is simply not marketable. Christ does not sell the Cross, He calls us to join Him on it.

Finally, brother, about ninety per cent of what I see and hear at church and on ‘Orthodox’ internet sites can be, and should be, safely ignored.

Here in America we are entering a period of diabolical doubles, what Sergey Fudel calls ‘dark doubles of the Church.’ They cannot harm us, as long as we remain what Christ calls us to be, ‘as cunning as serpents, but as innocent as doves.’

In other words, as serpents can close their ears to the snake charmer’s melodies if they want to, we should likewise be cunning and know when not to listen. And as doves do what they do without bothering a soul, so should we pass through all dangers without trying to fight against them.

Jesus says, ‘My sheep know My voice,’ and brother, He wasn’t lying.

Grace to you, in the Holy Spirit whose feast we celebrated today, and pray for me,

in Christ,
Romanos the sinner

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