Monday, December 1, 2014

The Caliphate could win

Yes, you heard me right: the Caliphate could win. I’m talking about that group in the Middle East that people call ‘ISIS’ or ‘ISIL’ and say are terrorists. Why don’t we just come out and call them what they are: (the forces of) the Caliphate. That’s the worldwide institution of the Islamic State, under the leadership of the successor to the prophet Muhammad, the Caliph. Much like the Pope before the Reformation, the Caliph is head of the Islamic world. There can be only one of him at a time, though historically there have been contenders, just as we see today. All true Muslims are obligated to submit to the Caliphate in everything that is required of them. To refuse is to deny the God of Islam and risk death.

The Caliphate could win, not only in the Middle East, not only in the currently Islamic world, but in the whole world, because… they are absolutely right in their beliefs. There is only One God, and Muhammad is His prophet. Their scriptures, the Holy Qur’an, are word for word, letter for letter, the utterance of God, His direct revelation, and in His very own language, Arabic. This Qur’an and the Arabic language are so sacred, that translating this book into other languages is an impossibility. Every Muslim of whatever nationality must approach God through the Qur’an in the Arabic language. This book not only completes the scriptures of the Jewish Old Testament and the Christian New, but it totally replaces them.

The Caliphate could win, because they know that they are right. They know that the non-Islamic world (to their way of thinking, the pre-Islamic world) is corrupt and rotten to the core. They know that the holy God whom they adore is absolutely righteous and demands that human beings obey and live by His immutable laws, which have been organized as the sharí‘ah. Not only is it not terrorism to severely punish and even kill those who offend God and break His laws, but it is praiseworthy. They know that the weakness of the West comes from its infidelity, its unfaithfulness to God and His laws, its idolatry of the individual, its ‘liberation’ of women and homosexuals, its promiscuity and drug addictions.

The Caliphate could win, because they are absolutely certain that any means they are given to annihilate the infidel world is perfectly justified and moral. They believe in thought, word, and deed in the rightness of their cause, and that it is from God Himself, and they are prepared to pay the ultimate price, individually and corporately, to attain victory in jihad. They could win, because they know that heretics who call themselves Muslims but believe in mystical superstitions and crave apocalypse and the coming of the twelfth imam, are no true Muslims but, like the infidels, deserve death. They could win because their movement is mankind’s final goal and will usher in peace on earth once and for all.

What we in the West fail to understand and call fanaticism is the single-hearted obedience with which true Muslims submit to God and the Caliph. We see this as a carry-over from the Middle Ages when our Christian ancestors exhibited a similar zeal. That was a temporary interruption of the secular world of the Greco-Romans which was ended by our equally secular Western civilization. The thousand-year reign of the Church gave us a foundation on which to evolve our free and democratic society, not because of, but despite itself. We are free because we separated Church from State, but the Caliphate wants to destroy us precisely because we are free and respect the individual’s inalienable rights.

Yes, the Caliphate could win, because we are unfaithful as a civilization to Him who gathered us, saved us, instructed us, even came among us. We are no longer ruled by God-believing princes, but by robbers whom we ourselves have chosen. We have made it almost a crime to act publicly as Christians, and we have banished the God who formed us, individually and corporately, from every sphere except the house of worship. Our laws have gone beyond His laws, becoming no laws at all. Anomía, lawlessness, characterizes us from head to foot. We call good evil, and evil good, for political correctness. None are courageous any longer, or selfless enough, to take on the burden of true government. We are headless.

The Caliphate could win, not because it is right, not because it is of God, but because it is the natural corrective to our wantonness, cowardice, and greed. The universe is created to operate by immutable laws, and it does, without our help. We see the evidence of this all around us. We call it the law of ‘cause and effect,’ but we rarely apply it to ourselves. If we continue polluting the earth, it will finally fail us and become an endless desert, it will cast us off. If we continue to deny our God, our moral and social sicknesses will be beyond cure. We will be totally exposed and helpless before the predators that are sure to be drawn to us. Like other nations before us, we will disappear without a trace.

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cjk said...

Even an evil god will defeat no god.