Monday, March 31, 2014

I am a Christian

I am a Christian: I reject no one. Not the sinner, for Christ has not rejected me who am their chief. Not the blasphemer, for who but I have blessed God aloud while cursing inwardly? Not the heretic, for I too am on the way to knowing the One True God. Not the proud, for I have already betrayed myself as pretender to all. Not the rich, for who but I have wasted and squandered all the wealth I have been gifted? Not the hypocrite, for even as I speak I cringe at my own shameful life, entreating divine mercy. No, I am a Christian: I reject no one, for One has not rejected me.

Help me, Holy God, to be Aléxandros, ‘defender of mankind,’ and not Katígoros, like Satan, their ‘accuser.’ Help me, Holy Mighty, and accept my weakness as payment in return for Your Strength, who alone are strong, who alone are loving. Help me, Holy Immortal, to receive Your life eternal by dying to myself and becoming bread for others, as You undying feed all, broken yet undivided. Glory to You, O God who has joined us to Yourself, in énosis, ‘oneness,’ by means of kénosis, ‘emptiness.’ Empty me, O Lord, that You may fill me, for You alone are Holy God, Mighty and Immortal.

I am a Christian: I reject no one. Yet not by my power or my strength, O Lord, but by Your Spirit.

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