Monday, February 10, 2014

Wonderful Judge

Our God, the wonderful Judge!

How is He a wonderful Judge?

He’s a wonderful Judge because He gives us the maximum length of time to repent—a life time. He’s a wonderful Judge because He doesn’t hide His laws from us but writes them on our hearts, so we don’t have to search for them. He makes them easy to remember by keeping them ever before us, revealed not only in ourselves but in His whole creation.

He’s a wonderful Judge because He has confided to us the rewards of obedience, instantly, whenever we fulfill His commandments. He has even given into our keeping His awesome Mercy Seat from which He will acquit us of all our iniquities, so that we may learn to sit in it and reign with Him in mercy towards all others.

He’s a wonderful Judge because He has fashioned us in His very image—kings like the Father, priests like the Son, and prophets like the Spirit—and even relinquished to us His authority to judge the world. Yes, only a wonderful Judge would grant us the dignity and the liberty to judge ourselves, and this earthly life as our chance to welcome Him, or reject Him.

For it is not the righteousness of His holy laws that He has made to be our home, but it is the mercy of His living words that He has made our road and destination.

I tell you most solemnly, 
whoever listens to my words, 
and believes in the One who sent me, 
has eternal life; 
without being brought to judgment 
he has passed from death to life. 

I tell you most solemnly, 
the hour will come—in fact it is here already— 
when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, 
and all who hear it will live. 

For the Father, who is the source of life, 
has made the Son the source of life; 
and, because he is the Son of Man, 
has appointed him supreme Judge. 
John 5:24-27

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