Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For the time is close

Belligerent advocates of ignorant opinions held to be infallible, these are believers, though that is all they are. They have no theology. They are, in fact, atheological, locked in a mindset that is cryptically atheistic, because their god is manufactured, a crucible of molten brass that emerges as self-fashioned as the golden calf of Old Testament Aaron’s mistake, not the living God whom his brother Moses meets and speaks with, face to face.

This is islamification of the gospel—production of a false Christ, adoration by a false Bride, purification without suffering, sanctification without grace, seduction into pretended virginity, reduction of the Holy Bible into sharia law, devotion to man-made glory, not to the Glory ‘not made by hands.’ These are the greatest lies and the boldest. Once they have captured, it is hard to escape.

We think we are newly besieged by hijackers of ‘the religion of peace,’ that is, if we are politic and polite deceitful dreamers, but a brief foray into history will show us which religions, if any, are truly peaceful, and which are not, yet all are nothing more than religions.

The two closest rivals, Islam and Christianity, are both violent in history, but there seems to be this difference: In the one, following his scriptures faithfully, the believer will slay the infidel. In the other, following his Lord, he betrays Him if he slays, no matter who is slain. Yet neither can look back and claim either faithfulness or innocence.

It is Spirit, always the living God, that alone is Truth, tells the truth, and commands in truth, whose Word none can evade without retreating into falsehood, who speaks in peace, ‘Apart from me, all is nothing,’ uncoercing, and receives his servants as sons without recourse to any mediation on the part of man, ‘always, now and ever, and unto ages of ages.’

We know by hearing and seeing who brings the everlasting gospel, inwardly grasping what it is because it is already our being. And when we sense not truth but lies we flee, not into the arms of men but into our hearts, where the Kingdom has been buried deep by Him who has seeded it within us, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within you.’

Our world has long been held, pillaged and raped by purveyors of all that Christ is not, while saying they do all he commands, but his letters to us, the seven churches, are all true. All has been foretold, all has been decreed, all have followed their hearts’ desire, and therein all have hidden their personal apocalypse, yet all that is hidden is soon to be revealed.

Brethren, watch and wait. The ten day trial is about to close. Those who claim to be… and are not, will soon, for them too late, confess that it is you he loves, and go down before you. These liars will soon be silenced. And finally, finally we shall understand who these Nicolaitans really were.

For the Time is close.

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