Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Free me again today

Like Your birds,
Lord and Morning Star,
I sing praise to Your name, Most High,
I rejoice and exult in You,
though my heart be weighed down by the plight of this world,
You leave me untouched by calamity,
though others die,
I live.

By Your grace, Lord,
by Your grace, all by Your grace.

Let me see Your will fulfilled,
let me see mercy fall on Your children,
on this poor world, laboring for it knows not what nor why,
suffering morning by morning
instead of rejoicing in Your love,
instead of receiving You.

Like Your birds, Lord,
like Your birds who toil not nor gather into barns,
though I still with the world am forced to earn my bread,
turning my back on the Bread freely offered
by Your heavenly hand, let me return,
let me pause,
pray to You the Father of all,
the loving, the waiting, the patient Lord,
in the name of Your only-begotten
who only-born of all men
reveals to us the Man by whom all worlds were made,
let me receive that Spirit holy
whom my daily unfaithfulness grieves,
have mercy.

I thank You, Lord, with all my heart.
Let me recite Your marvels one by one.
For You are faithful, and true.
Let my prayer be as the birds,
simple, constant, unfettered.

Let me return to You, Lord.
Free me again today.x

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Jim Swindle said...

Thank you for this morning prayer.