Sunday, July 7, 2013


Jacob wrestles the ‘angel’ of Yahweh, who is the pre-incarnation appearance of the Word of God, later to be born and known as Jesus, who lets Himself be almost overpowered, but to stay Jacob’s winning the match, He shoves His hand into him and dislocates his hip.

Still, Jacob doesn’t let go, but demands that the Stranger bless him, before he will let Him go.

This is an awesome testimony of God’s incredible love, that He puts Himself under one of His own creatures, to let Him get the best of Him, for precisely this reason—He wants to be asked for His blessing.

This is one of the pivotal episodes in human history, and no one, but no one, even saw it happen, except God, and Ya‘aqov.

This is why the personal encounter between us and the Lord is no different: It replicates this event for each one of us.

This is why our holy God is supremely to be praised, and man-made gods and religions so detestable: Because our God comes to us, because only a real God could and would do that.

All the fake gods in the universe rolled into one, no matter what they are named, cannot even wrestle a meatball.

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