Monday, April 22, 2013


Everything that happens is prophecy. And prophecy is nothing other than that which really is. And a prophet is no more than one who can see things as they really are and transmit that vision to others.

Everything that happens is prophecy. When Christ entered Jerusalem riding that humble animal, yes, prophecy was fulfilled, that which was foreseen and forespoken of old, and prophecy was also made.

However the world looks to our blinded eyes that cannot see things as they really are, no matter, prophecy happens just the same. There is no past or future in it. God is the maker, yes, even of time.

The King of kings of kings, the Holy One, the Anointed, enters the world always and for ever humbly, riding the foal of an ass. We clamor and applaud, then we crucify the Resurrection and the Life.

Everything that happens is prophecy. It is written clearly wherever we look, but we do not see, the pattern of our fall and our rise written in our own soul and flesh just as it is in the world we inhabit.

To recognize and to read the prophecy that is the world, if even for a moment, is better than living in luxury, in blindness of that which really is. To know that which is really made is to know the Maker.

For He is in the world, and the world is in Him. His Bride is hidden as yet in His side, but the five wounds that pierce His human flesh are the doors of the bridal chamber, from which we emerge, and soon.

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