Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Designed by mercy

Becoming Orthodox disqualifies you as an Evangelical teaching authority, and I suppose the reverse would also be true: Becoming Evangelical disqualifies you as an Orthodox teaching authority.

It all confuses me, and I am not sure what planet I am on, sometimes. I wish I could express what I know and what I feel, but I cannot.
If I open my mouth to almost anyone, I find they are aiming a stone at me.

There is no conversion, except to Christ, who is Life, the only Life worth living, eternal, certain Life. I pray for you, brethren, whenever I think of you, and I thank God for you, and ask Him only to guard your lives. If you can just stay alive, His will provides everything else.

Sorrow, sorrow but not unhappy, quiet, unworried sorrow, sorrow that waits, sorrow that alone can endure transformation. All else is too weak. Sorrow only is strong enough to endure everything and, enduring all, is transformation.

One day by one day by one day, a cube of time, designed by mercy to be small, because small is safe. Closeness to Him holds us, keeps us safe. Closeness covers us, until the storm passes by.

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