Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Truly merciful and loving

If we as followers of Christ are willing to lay down our lives for each other, what is it to us to lay down mere material things in order to share in the sufferings of our brothers?

It's easy to share in someone's joy, to party with him, to enjoy his company and stay with him when he seems to have everything, every blessing.

And what of the opposite?
Is it easy to share in someone's pain, sadness or loss?
Well, yes, it is, it has to be.

Help me, Lord!
I want to live my life as John of Kronstadt lived his. I want that kind of life in me, the life that Father John and others have received from their Father, their only Father. 

Listen to what John of Kronstadt says…

He truly gives charity who gives from his heart, and with a loving heart. He is truly merciful who converses with everyone heartily, and not only with the intellect and lips, but who renders sincere, hearty respect to everyone; in a word, he who embraces all and carries all in his heart by love, despising everything material that may become a hindrance to love between himself and his neighbor; such a one is truly merciful and loving.

“Remember who your teachers were…”

2 Timothy 3:14

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