Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ethiopian Orthodox Songs

While adding some more ikons to my other blog, Ikonostasis, I chanced upon some Ethiopian Orthodox song videos. Actually, it started with just one, and then I found there are dozens of these song videos on YouTube. I would like to share the wonderful spiritual song of our Orthodox Ethiopian brethren with visitors to my blog. Rather than adding the videos directly to the blog, slowing things down, I am just providing the hyperlinks to twelve song videos. Click on any link, and you should be able to view the video.

As my intention is not to entertain but to communicate, please forgive me if I sometimes seem to want to do both. If you happen to live in a locality where there is an Ethiopian or an Eritrean Orthodox church, you can attend a Sunday service and experience this worship music first hand. The Orthodox of Ethiopia have preserved much of the dance, the musical melodies and the instruments of ancient Israel, and when you worship with them, their singing seems to be coming from somewhere deep inside the earth, not deep as in "underground," but deep as in "where paradise still exists."

Here are the hyperlinks:

Hale Luya

Emebet Libel

Ethiopian Orthodox Song (No Title)

Mertnesh Mezmur

Be Bete Mekdesih

God is Great

I sing for Him

The King of Earth and Heaven



You are My Savior

Beregnet Sale Abatachin Muse


yudikris said...

Thanks for sharing the links, brother... I love those songs, and by the way, in Bahasa, we call Psalm, Mazmur, a little bit similar with Mezmur :)

Joe said...

Hi there, the songs are very beautiful. btw, i'm a syrian orthodox and i'd like to share our church songs with you.