Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Cross, do not fail me

do not fail me
when it comes my hour
to bleed.
As to a strong-masted vessel,
let me be bound to you
to share your power.
Hug me close
as the wind we together wrestle.

let them nail me
as my ransomed soul
a steed
of spirit mounts
and my hungers hang.
Let me inherit
what the jailer stole
and hidden,
as I thirst,
what prophets sang.


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St.Alpin of Przhino said...

hey Romanos
yes it is me who made that crown and fire,it's good to find a link to your blog. Punk Monk is the name of my tattoo studio, punk because most of my teenage years were influenced from the street life and the whole scene and Monk because i'm influenced a lot by monasticism especially desert fathers and later new monasticism. This is my e-mail if you want to be in touch and share ideas:
Soli Deo Gloria